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Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fixed fire extinguishing or fire suppression systems are permanently installed to address specific fire risks. They are generally designed to operate automatically, so that if a fire is detected, the system will operate to extinguish or supress the fire.

There are various types of fixed extinguishing systems, each designed for a specific purpose. Chameleon supply, install and maintain all types of fire suppression system, including maintenance of existing installations installed by others. Below is a brief description of the main types of suppression system. Please feel free to contact us for further information

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

Traditionally used in high value environments such as computer rooms and data suites, these systems are designed to flood a room with a small concentration of specialist fire suppressant gas once a fire has been detected. They are usually combined with “double knock” smoke detection systems that require confirmation of a fire before the system operates. They are also equipped with various manual overrides and safeguards, so in practice are quite safely installed in occupied areas.

There are various types of gaseous system available, including Inergen, FM200, Novec 1230 and IG55. Needless to say, this is a highly technical area where you need a specialist company like Chameleon Systems.

Sprinkler Systems

Of all the types of fixed fire fighting systems, sprinkler systems are the ones we are all most familiar with. These are designed to spray water onto a fire automatically to dampen a fire, enable evacuation and slow the spread of a fire. As part of our complete fire systems service we are able to offer a comprehensive maintenance service on your sprinkler systems.

Water Mist Systems

Water Mist System

Similar to sprinkler systems on one hand, but using very different design principles on the other, water mist systems use a combination of piped water under pressure and special discharge nozzles to produce a fine water mist over a fire hazard. As a better suppression effect is achieved with less water discharge, water mist systems are used in a wider variety of risk environments.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

In a busy commercial kitchen environment a cooking related fire can be very difficult to extinguish quickly and can rapidly spread to present real danger to staff and customers, not to mention the potential for business crippling damage. Greasy extraction ducts can catch fire themselves and frankly, it is not always a good idea to try to tackle kitchen fires with portable extinguishers.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are installed within kitchen extraction hoods to release a wet chemical extinguishing agent either on automatic detection of a fire, or by means of simply pulling a handle.

Chameleon have a wealth of experience with these systems, including within some of the busiest kitchen environments in the country!


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