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Voice Alarm Systems

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Voice Alarm Systems

Simple fire alarm systems sound bells or electronic sounders to raise the alarm. However, this can cause confusion, especially in public buildings, as people are unfamiliar with fire procedures and are not always sure what to do. Voice alarm systems, as part of an integrated fire detection and alarm system, play voice messages to building occupants, making it clear what they are expected to do.

By combining a voice alarm system with an intelligent fire detection and alarm system, it is possible to create a sophisticated system capable of carefully managing a range of emergency situations. For example, it is possible to play different messages to different parts of a building depending on the nature and location of the emergency, all controlled automatically by the control equipment software.

There are a variety of types of Voice Alarm System available. These range from simple devices that play a fixed message rather than a simple alarm sound through to full function dedicated public address systems. It is important to note the word “dedicated” here though.

If a public address system is to be used as part of a fire alarm system however, it must be designed for this purpose, as it has to function reliably in the event of a fire. This includes the use of fire resistant cables, battery backup and various other features that are a requirement of the relevant British Standards.

Voice Alarm Systems can be an excellent choice in a wide variety of circumstances. But their implementation requires a specialist expertise. As a specialist fire systems company, Chameleon Systems naturally possess this expertise and are always ready to advise you on any aspect of the installation or maintenance of voice alarm systems. Simply contact us to find out more.


Chameleon Systems supply a variety of voice alarm system types from a number of major manufacturers.

These range from complete rack based, speciaist PA systems through to economical dedicated voice sounders.

We are also able to offer a comprehensive maintenance service on most types of voice alarm system.