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Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

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Aspirating Smoke Detection

Aspirating smoke detection systems, also known as high sensitivity smoke detection systems, are a specialist method of smoke detection. They use plastic air sampling tubes to sample air from inside a risk area, which is then analysed by passing the air through a detection device. This device, which doesn’t need to be inside the risk area, then decides whether smoke is present in the air sample. ASD systems offer a number of significant benefits including speed of detection and of being virtually invisible.

Early warning

ASD systems can detect a fire in its very early stages as they can be set to a have a very high sensitivity to smoke and other combustion products. If you do this with a conventional smoke detector, it will be prone to false alarms. With ASD systems however, the analysis of the air is carried out inside a dedicated sampling chamber, which enables a far more detailed analysis to be carried out. ASD systems can even be used in “dirty” environments without being prone to false alarms.

Virtually invisible

In an environment where visible smoke detectors may be unsightly, where ordinary detectors may be prone to being interfered with, or even where the area to be protected is inaccessible, ASD systems can provide the perfect solution. If required, only the end of the sampling tube needs to be inside the risk area, so such systems can be virtually invisible. The “detector” itself does not need to be inside the risk area, the air is brought to the detector. As an further example, ASD systems are often used to sample air inside equipment cabinets where a conventional smoke detector simply would not function correctly.

ASD systems are designed for specialist applications and require a specialist expertise. As a specialist fire systems company, Chameleon Systems are of course, highly skilled and experienced with these systems and are always happy to provide expert advice. Simply give us a call!


Chameleon Systems are approved suppliers and installers of the following Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

VESDA by Xtralis Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection

Morley IAS by Honeywell ASD Smoke Detection