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Wireless Fire Detection Systems

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Wireless Fire Detection System

Unlike hard wired fire detection and alarm systems, which need cables to be installed between all of the system devices and the central control panel, wireless systems achieve the same end using radio technology and so don’t need cabling to be installed throughout your building.

Today’s wireless systems are highly reliable and provide all of the benefits of “intelligent” analogue addressable detection systems. Analogue smoke detection, combined with smart control equipment software enables intelligent, reliable decisions to be made, greatly reducing the incidence of false alarms. Sophisticated control equipment enables flexible and easily manageably systems to be built.

Wireless systems go even further. Without the need for cabling, they can be installed rapidly, often in just days, with minimum disruption, so are ideal for retrofitting in operational buildings.

Chameleon Systems are experts in the design, specification and installation of wireless fire detection and alarm systems. Our engineers are highly trained in these systems and are equipped with all of the necessary radio survey equipment, ensuring a trouble free installation and a highly reliable end product.

Wireless systems are not always the most appropriate solution, but are always worth taking into consideration. Simply ask us and we will happily explain the merits of the various options available to you.


Chameleon Systems are approved suppliers and installers of all 3 major wireless fire detection system brands, so we are always able to offer the most suitable solution for your application.

Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

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