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Intelligent Fire Detection Systems

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Fire detection and alarm systems in commercial buildings are primarily designed to detect a fire in its early stages and raise an alarm so that appropriate action may be taken. That "appropriate action" will generally involve evacuating the premises as quickly as possible so that occupants' lives are not at risk, but in larger premises it may be far more complicated than that.

Intelligent, analogue addressable systems, when properly designed and installed, will help prevent unwanted and false alarms, provide a very high level of reliability, enable rapid and effective reaction to genuine emergency situations and support sophisticated fire action plans and alarm management.

Combating False Alarms

Unwanted and false alarms are a nuisance, time consuming and can prove to be dangerous. If false alarms become a common occurrence in a building, then people will become complacent and react much more slowly to a genuine emergency. Have you ever been in a building when an alarm has sounded and wondered "what am I supposed to do?"

Today's intelligent systems use sophisticated smoke detectors coupled with smart computer technology to assess situations more accurately. This enables facilities like investigation delays and confirmation techniques to be built into systems, greatly reducing false alarms. And automatic recording and reporting facilities enable "trouble areas" to be identified, analysed and resolved.

Open Architecture Systems

Chameleon are a systems integrator. That means we build systems from the best equipment available from various independent manufacturers. This has a number of benefits for our clients.

Firstly, the systems we supply are “open protocol”. This means that, in contrast to many of our larger competitors, you are not locked into a single supplier for future support.

Secondly, being approved suppliers for a number of manufacturers, we are always able to supply the very latest, proven, technology most appropriate to your requirements.

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Chameleon Systems are approved suppliers and installers of the following ranges of intelligent fire detection equipment

Control Equipment
Morley IAS